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Service User Case Studies

Read the stories of some of the service users we've helped...

Case Study: Helping a young adult find a brighter future

We supported a young male, living in a supported housing scheme located within West Berkshire. The issues they were facing:…

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Case Study: Securing safe housing after a history of sexual abuse and harassment

We supported a 32-year-old female who had been a victim of sexual abuse and harassment. The issues they were facing:…

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Case Study: Enabling client ownership of the recovery process

We supported a 43-year-old male, with a history of addiction, trauma & mental health issues. The issues they were facing:…

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Case Study: Supporting young parents in meeting their legal requirements

We supported a young 18-year-old mother with registering the birth of her newborn baby. The issues they were facing: Our…

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Case Study: Helping a mother deal with her teenage son at risk of exploitation

We supported a single mother with limited English language skills, who was struggling with her 16-year-old son. The issues they…

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Case Study: Getting to the root of complex and long-term issues

A British-Indian male, aged 45 was supported by us after a complex 15-year history of undiagnosed mental health issues and…

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Case Study: Rebuilding relationships by breaking negative behavioural cycles

We supported a 31-year-old male who was a street homeless service user with an alcohol and drug dependence, who was…

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What some of our clients and partners say...

I cannot thank Browns enough, my support worker literally found me on the streets and helped me to where I am now. I hope they are around for a long time to help other like me.

Intensive Support Service User

I’ve never had anyone to talk to before, being a man I’ve felt I’ve had to bottle up all my problems, but now I have someone who listens and I feel I can offload all problems.

Counselling Service User

I honestly believe you need a service like this for the most vulnerable people.

Thames Valley Police Officer

I’m OK now – I have Browns helping me whenever I need it.

Intensive Support Service User

I am glad I met Browns. I don’t feel I have ever been able to work with professionals before working with my Browns support worker.

Intensive Support Service User

The difference to those people that are co-operating is amazing.

Thames Valley CRC