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Case Study: Enabling client ownership of the recovery process

We supported a 43-year-old male, with a history of addiction, trauma & mental health issues.

The issues they were facing:

Our client was referred to us with a need to tackle their history of addiction and trauma, alongside their ongoing mental health issues. Our priority was to help him to build up resilience, ensuring he was able to overcome his past.

The support we provided, included:
  • Our team were able to provide a different and flexible way of working in order to suit the client’s needs.
  • We considered his addiction and offered flexibility around the time of day support sessions were arranged for.
  • We enabled our client to take responsibility for the therapeutic relationships we put in place, this helped the client to assess their own needs and evaluate his own emotional resilience.
The progress made:
  • Our client needed a long period of time to build up trust with those around him; something that with our support the client was able to identify for himself as being a barrier to tackling his issues. Better understanding his triggers and emotional responses to life situations and issues has proven key in helping him move forward.
The outcome was:
  • Our client has worked hard on believing in himself more, which in turn has positively impacted his decision-making ability.
  • He has been able to be extremely vulnerable within his therapy sessions, which was unthinkable at the outset. He has expressed he’s happy that he has been able to do this as it has benefited all the relationships within his life.
  • Our client was able to recognise his own progress and provide reflections and insight on the progress he’s been able to make.
  • We’ve supported him in defining strategies he can use in future to prevent difficulties and issues from occurring.
  • He has built up resilience and is better able to handle and respond to situations as they arise.


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