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Case Study: Securing safe housing after a history of sexual abuse and harassment

We supported a 32-year-old female who had been a victim of sexual abuse and harassment.

The issues they were facing:
  • Our client has been a victim of intimate partner abuse.
  • She had been raped by a previous ex-partner and was being stalked and harassed by another potential ex-partner.
  • Our client was a housing association tenant and had applied for a managed move, but this had been declined on the basis that there was no evidence to suggest her current tormenter was the perpetrator of the rape.
  • The local authority had stated they were unable to help as it was down to the housing association to move her.
  • Our client’s employment and mental health were suffering.
The support we provided, included:
  • We hosted a multi-disciplinary professionals meeting and supported our client in accessing the Sanctuary scheme.
  • We helped our client to collate evidence of abuse, that spanned from housing repairs to police incident reports.
  • We wrote a supportive letter and liaised with the investigating Police officer to secure an additional letter supporting our client’s case.
  • We coordinated and sent all documentation to the safeguarding lead within the housing association, outlining their duty to care towards tenants.
The outcome was:

Our client’s managed move application appeal was successful, and she moved out of area into safe accommodation that was suitable for her needs. Our client was then able to resume work and engage successfully with therapeutic interventions put in place.


“I feel normal again; I can be normal again”.


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