Intensive Support Service

Support Work and Advice Service

Browns Community Services offers intensive support work across a wide range of issues. Our clients meet on a weekly basis with a support worker, who will help them to identify their areas of need and to set an action plan to meet their goals.

We are not a one-size fits all organisation. We know that individuals have different needs and sometimes a support worker has to respond to several issues at once. That’s why our Intensive Support Service is bespoke for each client, leading to effective and positive outcomes.

We offer support around:

  • Well-being
    • Mental wellbeing and life skills
    • Physical wellbeing and diet
    • Alcohol and substance misuse
    • Adult exploitation
  • Social networks and relationships
    • Children, family, friends and relationships
    • Building community links
    • Overcoming domestic abuse
  • Skills and Training
    • Job hunting
    • Education, training and upskilling
  • Finances and Accommodation
    • Finance, benefits and debt
    • Appointments advocacy

For more information about our services please get in touch here. To make a referral for yourself or someone else please see our referrals page here.


Our Intensive Support Service is shortlisted in the Policing and adults category in the Howard League for Penal Reform Community Awards 2020