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Rebuild – Exploitation Project

Our Rebuild programme is designed to support families and carers affected by child exploitation.

Our groundbreaking Rebuild project provides support to parents, carers and families of children, teenagers and young people who have experienced or are vulnerable to the risk of childhood exploitation. This includes but is not limited to sexual, gang, drug (including county line) and peer on peer exploitation.

We tackle issues such as:

  • How to identify risks of exploitation.
  • How to remove a young person from at-risk exploitation situations.
  • Helping parents and carers to re-build the family unit once a young person is coming out of the other side of exploitation.
“I have had over 5 families work directly with Rebuild – Exploitation project and the outcomes have surpassed any expectations. Feedbacks from families are that they feel fully supported and empowered to make significant changes. The support given has been extensive and ranged from mediation, support to access services and support with housing and day to day living. This support has allowed families to go on to have better outcomes such as being rehoused, securing employment opportunities and securing school placements for their children. The Rebuild worker has on many occasions acted as advocates for these families and given them the support to find their voice and strength to get access to what they require.” – Social Worker

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