We provide services, training, and consultancy across the UK. If you would like to find out more information or commission any of the services outlined on our website, please get in touch.

How does partnering with us work?

The way we work is entirely user-led and tailored to your organisation's needs and requirements.

We work holistically with service users and tailor our support in order to reach achievable and effective outcomes. We support each of our clients in a flexible and unique way, bridging the gaps often left by other support organisations.

We never give up on people and make every attempt to engage with service users, no matter how challenging or hard to reach. We never classify people as "too difficult" to work with.

The clients we work with are people who have invariably cost a lot of money to emergency services, e.g. police, ambulances and A&E. With our help, they're able to become more independent and less reliant on these essential public services.

We're always open to improving and expanding the type and variety of support we offer. Every year to date we've successfully introduced a new support programme or service in order to expand the breadth of our provision.

We are also willing to consider requests for new projects or client groups outside of our existing service portfolio, should it not immediately or obviously cover your needs.

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