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Case Study: Rebuilding relationships by breaking negative behavioural cycles

We supported a 31-year-old male who was a street homeless service user with an alcohol and drug dependence, who was struggling to break the cycle.

They were referred to us by:

Thames Valley Police

The issues they were facing:
  • He’d suffered a breakdown of his relationship with both his wife and mother.
  • He had no form of identification and therefore was unable to open a bank account or secure employment.
  • He was suffering from severe anxiety and depression.
  • He was using illicit drugs after seven years of abstaining.
  • He was alcohol dependant.
The support we provided, included:
  • Scheduling and attending GP appointments with him in order to help him address his mental and physical health problems.
  • Attending alcohol and drug services appointments with him in order to help address his underlying substance abuse issues.
  • We found him a rental property and supported him with the processes of securing the tenancy and moving in.
  • We funded travel to London so a passport could be acquired for work purposes.
  • We successfully bridged a gap in service provision during the Covid-19 lockdown, as his local drugs and alcohol services were running a reduced service. We provided support throughout lockdown after he presented with increased anxiety and was physically deteriorating & using drugs again.
The outcome was:
  • Our client now has successfully secured sustainable accommodation.
  • He has addressed his mental health issues, has been prescribed medication and is complying with his treatment plan.
  • He has been able to obtain a passport and has already been successful in attending a job interview for a job he went on to secure.
  • He continues to engage with drug and alcohol services, including taking his methadone daily. He is also abstaining from alcohol.
  • Perhaps most importantly of all, due to the progress made and sustained, he was able to rebuild his relationship with his mother, wife, and children.
What our client had to say:

“I really cannot thank you all enough and it feels good to be where I am and also that I can call for advice and guidance should I ever need it – working with Browns was the best thing for me.”


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